•  Yoga lovers can spend hours talking about the merits of this "sport" and how it helps to keep in the ideal shape. Yoga itself is wropt in a series of myths and attracts of its eccentricity, but the new direction – aerial yoga – is unique in fact, because during the classes you will … fly.
  • The growing popularity is explained by the fact that people of any age and skills can engage in aerial yoga. It doesn’t matter if you have experience in yoga, the main thing is to come on the class and begin to bend the force of gravity. And then you will suddenly find out that it’s something that previously seemed almost impossible. There are 7 reasons why it’s recommended to engage in aerial yoga.

1. Aerial yoga is ideal for beginners

  • Classical yoga takes a lot of time. You need careful a preparation to master some of the poses. Fixing the body with elastic straps of a hammock for aerial yoga, beginners from the first classes get the opportunity to take up difficult positions – inverse and others, without fear of getting injured.

2. Healthcare effect

  • The benefit of aerial yoga is that it helps people who have problems with the musculoskeletal system. It is also ideal for asthmatics, because the complex of exercises includes respiratory gymnastics. In addition, aero yoga classes are shown to those who suffer from sleep disorders, migraine, chronic fatigue, leg pain, diabetes, malfunction of genitourinary system, rectum diseases.

3. Physical training of muscles and ligaments

  • Aerial yoga helps to develop flexibility, dexterity and coordination of movements. With its help you normalize the work of the vestibular apparatus, feel and control your body better.

4. Graceful figure

  • This practice will allow you to train your body and raise muscle tone, without fear of overbuilding them. You will have trim, harmoniously developed and aesthetically attractive figure. Russian girls will help you learn more information on how to keep yourself in good shape.

5. Spiritual growth 

  • Being engaged in aerial yoga, you give yourself the opportunity to completely relax, creating an ideal state for meditation. Using this component of practice, aerial yoga can release you from neuroses, depressed mood and other mental disorders.

6. Availability

  • The classes of aerial yoga can be accessible to all people. And it must be understood literally. In our time there are even special programs that was created for kids from six months and older, and for the elderly.

7. Unlimited disengagement

  • As aerial yoga classes are held at a height of almost a meter above the floor, you feel an amazing relaxedness of movements, which is not available with other types of training. You will get a sense of genuine freedom, renouncing not only of gravity, but also all problems.

Contraindications and harm of aerial yoga

It’s difficult to exaggerate the benefits of aerial yoga for the body and soul of a
person, but like any kind of physical activity, there are both temporary and permanent
health restraints. It’s necessary to take a break in practicing aero yoga in the period of :

  • catarrhal diseases, especially if the disease is accompanied by fever and such
  • complications as otitis and sinusitis;
  • menstruation;
  • advanced pregnancy;
  • rehabilitation after traumatic brain injuries;
  • exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases;
  • general uneasiness in heavy physical activities.
  • In addition to time constraints, there are a number of diseases in which the
  • implementation of inverted positions is prohibited. Be careful if you have:
  • high blood pressure;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • enlarged thyroid gland;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • retinal separation;
  • deflection of intervertebral disks;
  • spinal disc herniation.
  • If you follow the recommendations of your doctor and instructor, it’s quite
  • problematic to harm yourself with aerial yoga. Regardless of whether you have
  • contraindications, or not, it’s better to practice aerial yoga in specialized centers and
  • studios, under the close supervision of knowledgeable mentor.